World’s Worst Packer

Packing for a vacation is difficult and could take about 3 hours. Why could packing one suitcase possibly take that long you might ask? Well I need to try everything on, and matching shoes, and determine exactly every possible outfit I might want to wear during the span of my trip. Not to mention that after I’ve packed I usually need to go through again and take about 1/4 of it out so I don’t go over the weight limit.

Now imagine this same neurosis in the context of packing to move to a new house. And then amplify just a bit more to realize this new home is in another country. What if they don’t sell my favorite shampoo? Or the same brand of jeans I love? Or what if their grocery stores have a shortage of canvas bags? What if I have guests in my new apartment and need extra blankets, towels, and bedsheets? What if I can never find THE BEST Earl Gray tea that I know Whole Foods sells?

I am not just going through my belongings in my room and taking things out and moving them around, I am also simultaneously going through boxes that have been packed to the gills from a recent move out of my NYC Apartment (almost 1 year ago) and all the boxes in the attic from when I moved to college and then back home from college years ago. Why do I have photos of former friends in tiny 2×2 frames still in my attic? Beats me! Except, that I’ve never looked through these boxes before to reduce my possessions and have decided to take it on now.

Now, you can start to imagine my method for packing, which also includes about 10 different lists I manage simultaneously for things I own, things I need to buy, things I need to do, things I need to arrange for my arrival in the new country. So, I guess depending on how you look at it, I am either the most effective and thorough packer in the entire world, or I am in fact the World’s Worst Packer!

She's got the right idea!


One response to “World’s Worst Packer

  1. That’s a really funny shot!

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