The Daily Bread and other DC Food Adventures

I was in Washington DC for a workshop with WWF last week, and the group offered to treat us to dinner. Given that we were a group of about 8 it was difficult to find a place that would take us all, and even the restaurant where we made our reservation wouldn’t honor it when we arrived, (can they actually do that??) So right next door, I breathed a sigh of relief, as I saw Le Pain Quotidien. No one was sure where to go, as members were from pretty much any country OTHER than the U.S. and so I left the group to walk up and ask if they would have room for us all for dinner, and sure enough they had their huge farmer’s style communal dining table (where strangers can eat together) and plenty of room for our group.

We walked inside, grateful for the warmth and a place to sit, (and alsofor the wine menu.) A bottle of red and a bottle of white were ordered and passed around, and intriguing food selections were made. They are known for their delicious open-faced Belgian style sandwiches with anything from prosciutto and mozzerella to avocado and chickpeas, and also have a wide offering of salads, poultry, and fish.

My choice was easy, Tomato Mozzarella Salad served with fresh bread.

Everyone in the group loved what they ordered and were all impressed with the restaurant selection, (insert bow and applause here.)

Feeling nostalgic for this favorite of mine in New York, I decided it was also the perfect lunch place for the following day where I tried the Avocado sandwich and homemade Spinach soup, (which only required a bit of salt on serving.)

It was amazing, as expected. And now for the even better news – they have locations in Germany! Though I may need to travel to Frankfurt or Munich to get it, at least I know it will be worth the efforts! I highly recommend this place to anyone close to a restaurant, of which there seem to be hundreds 🙂

2 responses to “The Daily Bread and other DC Food Adventures

  1. Heck, looking at this entry I might need to travel from Cincinnati to DC just for the meal.

    Thank you for sharing.

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