The Ever Evolving Life and Times of a Panda

Things move pretty quickly when you least expect it. It has been about 2.5 months since I left Paraguay. I can’t believe that Paraguay happened and finished and that it’s now been about half the time I was there that’s passed since I left. I think my time ratio is not working properly, and I can no longer make sense of when it is now, and what happened when.

In these last couple of months I have reunited with friends and family, traveled to Florida to see my family, traveled to Switzerland to see my boyfriend, and on weekend excursions to London and Berlin. Now I have just arrived in Washington DC where I anxiously await details about my new role as Project Manager for WWF Germany.

There it is in writing. I am a Project Manager for WWF Germany in Berlin.

The Panda.

I am excited, terrified, happy, anxious, and a little bit nostalgic to be taking on this new role and exploring a new world in the international abound. It is an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity to be able to do what you love, for a cause that you love, and with a passion and fire that cannot be matched. I get to live abroad and meet new and interesting people, and I get to work to save wildlife. SAVING ANIMALS. I think it is my childhood dream come true.

It seems there is no end to the continuous change and evolution in my life, but the more these hills and valleys map their course, the more I realize that I have created a life for myself in which I am comfortable. I must truly thrive in environments with a lot of change and a lot of challenge to keep creating them for myself. As for this next adventure, I welcome it with open arms (and open bottles of wine for when arms aren’t enough!)


3 responses to “The Ever Evolving Life and Times of a Panda

  1. beautiful. love you.

  2. s0, so incredibly excited for you as you move through this path onto the things that you really love doing in your life. it’s an incredible opportunity and there’s no one better to make the most of it than you. i hope you’ll keep us updated!! so much love đŸ™‚

  3. Wow. Congratulations on pursuing your dream. Too many people deny themselves of this. (I know, some say if EVERYONE pursued their dream it might result in unproductive chaos, but I think it all might work out better…)
    Good luck to you in your new adventure! And as a member of this planet, thanks for being so brave!

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