The Cat Diet

Those of you who know me, know that I am 100% completely and totally obsessed with animals. Particularly, my two BIG cats, Cody and Cooper. Believe me that when I say big, I mean big. Cooper, the smaller of the two, runs about 18 pounds, while Cody is closer to 22 or 23 pounds. These animals could sit on a small dog (insert any small animal here) and squish the life out of it.

My two big boys, Cooper and Cody, out on the prowl

The Wall Street Journal happens to think that my family is ruining our pets lives by forcing them into obesity, but I ask you, have you ever tried to say no to a purring and cuddly kitty who sneaks his paw on your plate the minute you turn your head to grab the piece of chicken that’s probably been taunting him all night? I think not.

I present to you: The Cat Diet. How exactly I plan to go about this, I don’t quite know yet, but I do know that poor little Cody has difficulty keeping all his hard-to-reach places squeaky clean like he used to about, oh I don’t know, 1 year ago. I am determined to find away to isolate him from eating time with the other cats, (oh did I forget to mention we have 4 cats in the house?) but I don’t know how easy it will be every time I sit down to a meal and he joins me at the table, (no manners.)

Cody's Favorite Time of Day - Steak Time!

Has anyone successfully tried to diet their cat, or exercise them? Tips are welcome!


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