A Quick Tribute to Dogs in Zurich

I’m not sure how many of you are familiar with the laws and rules surrounding dogs in Switzerland, but essentially both the dog and the owner have to be highly trained and skilled in matters of doggie etiquette. Dogs are like children, may be seen but not heard. They also walk politely alongside their owners, never run up to strangers, quietly board all public transportation and walk calmly off at their stop, and sit outside of stores patiently awaiting their owners to return to them. It’s quite amazing what the Swiss have done with their dogs, actually. I have never before seen such well-behaved good-mannered canines. And, of course, if they are not, there are fines to pay and behavior school – for the owners.

But while in Zurich, I managed to capture a couple of cute dog encounters. The first where a dog was trying to practice the utmost patience while awaiting his owner inside of an Apothecary (pharmacy). He kept pacing anxiously outside hoping his owner would waltz through, (it took me a few minutes to realize this was what was going on.) In his pacing, he would trigger the pharmacy’s automatic door sensor which would open, welcoming him with open arms, to which he would approach look around him to see if anyone was watching, then look inside for a brief moment before stepping back and taking a seat alongside the entrance, so as not to block it for other customers. It was remarkable as I could just imagine my own bouncy Golden Retriever, Pumpkin, jumping at the chance to dash in as fast as she could manage and cause mayhem with her wagging tail and wiggling body. She might not be very welcome in Zurich…

I hope no one sees me peeking inside!

The second encounter was while walking down a side street in the old city when I happened to pass in front of a bar/restaurant with two little dogs laying in the window on the cushioned seats where patrons must linger in the later hours of the day. They were so content watching the world go by from their perch, and no one seemed at all bothered that there were dogs in an eatery.

Windows on the World


3 responses to “A Quick Tribute to Dogs in Zurich

  1. We lived in the Zürich area for 4 years. We once saw a cat using a crosswalk and several cars stopped for it. Although I suspect it was more about coincidence than training!

  2. Laughing out loud. Great!!

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