The New York Winter Running Experiment: Part II

So I did it. Despite convincing myself I would never get off the couch and was doomed to my own laziness, I got up, got dressed and ran out the door. I’d like to say I felt a magical lift as my feet hit the pavement and a burst of energy took over as I flew down the streets, but it didn’t quite happen that way.

The bike path in my town, where I planned to knock out a few miles was still snow and ice covered, guess they don’t plow the side of the roads over the guardrails…and why would they? So I struggled for a bit deciding where to go.  This is my childhood town, the town I grew up in, that I supposedly know front and back. However, I have never ever tried to run here! Amazing. I didn’t know what sidewalks would be clear of snow, or what roads might be best to run alongside while still leaving enough room for cars. Basically, I felt lost.

I ran down a sidewalk en route to my former high school, but realized it was a bad idea as parts of the sidewalk gave way to muddy trenches, and so I turned down an area known in town as the “Tree Streets”. I thought this was pretty clever since the Tree Streets is a vast neighborhood of intersecting streets, (all named after trees,) it was bound to take me to 2 or 3 miles. I made my first loop on the outer edges only to realize that the Tree Streets are not quite as big or intricate as I had remembered in my youth. Funny how that happens.

Is that really the best you got, Briarcliff?

I made a few loops around the blocks and feeling the burn in my chest headed back where I’d come from. All in all, it was not a bad run, I managed to get in 3.04 miles…but I have to admit it was incredibly boring, and I mildly feared running into anyone I knew.  I think my next run will require a bit more planning as to where to go so I’m not caught off guard by weather limitations or unexpected encounters with former townies!


One response to “The New York Winter Running Experiment: Part II

  1. Run at the preserve…it is beautiful and though perhaps muddy – just prepare to wash your sneakers. There’s also the trail north of croton point park on the hudson and of course – the track at club fit!

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