Eating Our Way Through Berlin

So Berlin is kind of a crazy town. It was divided in half for such a long time that when they finally tore the wall down about 20 years ago, each side of the city was completely unrecognizable to the other. Reunification began, and along with it the destruction of  and complete renovation of the Eastern side of the city. As a result, the Eastern part of Berlin has become the true center of the city and definitely houses the hipper and seemingly younger neighborhoods. In some areas, of course, it has also become a bit pricier than other parts of Berlin, my guess would be largely due to all the new buildings and businesses that have sprung up over the last two decades.

While there, A and I took full advantage of the culinary delights that fill the city. We had heard good things about the food, and especially in comparison to the ridiculously overpriced dishes you might find in Zurich, Berlin was affordable and worth every penny. The first place we found and truly loved, was a flower shop/bakery/cafe in the Prenzlauer Berg neighborhood of Berlin, (North East) called Anna Blume.

It was a rainy and dreary day, but inside was cozy (and delicious!)

Anna Blume's Amazing Cake Display

I had read some reviews of the place before we went, and was so happy to find

Perhaps my favorite warm drink ever!

that they were all true! We each ordered a Chai Tea Latte to start the meal and then moved on two a three story tower of brunch delights, including ham, cheese, melon and berries, eggs, salmon, vegetables, and the list goes on. We also noted that every tower ordered by our neighboring tables was just a little bit different, so everyone had their own unique brunch experience!

The Brunch Tower at Anna Blume

Overall, for a price tag of about €23 ($32 USD) total for the meal, I’d say we got our money’s worth!

We also discovered a delicious Vietnamese restaurant called ChenChe Teahouse in Mitte. The decor and atmosphere in this place was incredible, and they even had about 6 birds that lived there full time and flew around singing beautiful little songs to make it feel all the more authentic. We each had different types of delicious Vietnamese soups, good to keep warm on a cold and wet day! And felt utterly relaxed in the middle of the city. I even had to go for a Vietnamese Espresso complete with condensed milk and lots of sugar to keep up pace with the city, (no, I am not a coffee drinker…ordinarily!)

A was not pleased he had to wait for a photo op before digging in!

This ought to do the trick for a few hours!

Some other delicious, (but not documented in photos,) restaurants we went to and enjoyed were Cafe Einstein which took us at 11:15 even though their kitchen technically closed at 11. We ordered a delicious Shnitzel and Steak which were both mouth watering and also had a very nice bottle of Italian wine. We were definitely the youngest in the restaurant by far, but the food was great! Then we also went to Borchardt Restaurant on our last night in Berlin and had another amazing steak and A had something with lamb or duck in it…can’t remember, just remember he loved it and I refused to try! All in all, another delicious dining experience! Can’t wait to see what else Berlin has to offer 🙂


5 responses to “Eating Our Way Through Berlin

  1. I loved this post! That bake shop reminds me of that lovely little shoppe we happened upon in Prague – late in the afternoon. I can’t wait to visit you in Berlin!

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