Always Missing Someone Somewhere…

The ups and downs of moving around all the time definitely balance each other out, but I have to admit that every time I move, or leave one place for another, I always feel I am leaving someone behind. There is always the opportunity to miss someone somewhere.

Having just left New York for Paraguay, I missed my family and my friends, I missed my pets, I missed my favorite restaurants…but now that I’ve returned, I miss my Paraguayan family. I miss the people from my office, I miss the close friends I made, I even miss the 4 queso empanadas I was eating too many of towards the end.

And now I sit on yet another precipice…between this world and Europe. My boyfriend lives in Switzerland and anywhere I am that is not there, has me missing him terribly too. I am grateful to be going to visit him next week…but who will be there to cuddle my cats at night when I’m gone?

I love moving, I love learning, I love experiencing the world, and I recognize how lucky I am to have these opportunities and how lucky I am to have so many friends in so many different places in the world. I am lucky to have so many people to miss. But it still doesn’t make those transitions any easier, and it still hurts my heart every time I say good bye.

One response to “Always Missing Someone Somewhere…

  1. i love to travel with you vicarously and guess what – we always always always miss you too! xxoxo

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