Traveling? Mind bringing this along?

I just came across an amazing organization called Stuff Your Rucksack while browsing the blogs on The basic idea behind this organization is that people who are planning to travel to different places in the world can check in with this site to see if there are any local charities in the area that are in need of supplies. The organization cuts out the middleman allowing regular travelers, like you and me, to deliver meaningful and much-needed supplies to organizations in parts of the world that might not have had access otherwise.

That's Some Responsible Travel

So say I am taking a quick trip to South Africa and say, hey – ya know what, maybe someone in Africa is missing something, I can log into the site, scroll through the list of local charities in the region and realize that Help2Read in Capetown is looking for some new books to help their children learn to read. It’s so easy to log on to Amazon, or hold a quick book drive in my town to put together a selection of good reads for some kids who will benefit greatly from it!

So the next time you plan a trip to a far away place, maybe you can take a look at Stuff Your Rucksack to see what extras you can bring along to change the lives of others.


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