Getting Back in the Groove

Walking the streets of NYC reminds me of the New York Groove. The pace of life in the city. The attitude of the people. Of the streets. It doesn’t take me even a minute to remember how to walk down the block, how to jay walk, how to glare at people who get in my way. I am a New Yorker. It’s in my blood.

It is funny though. Being away for a while does make you realize the organized chaos that is a New York City block. Somehow, the rhythm of people rushing to work, pushing their way down a street, or searching for a cab flows beautifully and you can’t help but notice that people are almost dancing their way to where they are going. You never see collisions, no matter how fast people move. They all manage to dance around each other, never slowing down, never breaking pace, never even touching their neighbor. When I rush passed I am always amazed to come out of a crowd unscathed, untouched, without even the annoyance of a tiny bump from someone around me. People must really be in tune with others to manage this spectacle daily.

It still amazes me to experience this walking down the streets of my beloved NYC. And I smile when I realize that the rhythm of New York never really left me. And maybe it never will.

I've got rhythm, I've got music....

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