Welcome to NY

So I have been putting off writing this post for a couple of weeks now. I didn’t know how to start or even how to sum up my feelings of the last half a year. I am back in New York. My volunteer experience with the World Wildlife Fund in Paraguay has come to an end, and I haven’t quite wanted to accept that reality. The last 6 months have helped me grow and learn in so many ways that I am fearful that a return to “normalcy” will stunt that growth process.

Coming home was strange. It was amazing to see family and friends and pets, oh how I missed those cats!! But at the same time, I dove head first into the lives of the friends I had left behind many months ago, but found that my heart was still floating offshore. I could sit and listen and talk with friends, but my head still drifted to thoughts of thick summer heat and the sounds of my friends voices thousands of miles away. How difficult to not be able to be in two places at once!

I now sit at the beginning of a new year, as do we all, and wonder what it has in store for me. How will I maintain close connections with those so far away? How will I continue on this path of conservation and broadening the horizons of those around me?

For now, I am giving myself a few weeks to rest and collect my thoughts, reflect on my experience, and decide what my next path will be. I know 2011 has a lot in store for me, so better to get my rest in early because things might speed up pretty quickly!


One response to “Welcome to NY

  1. One of the greatest things about traveling is integrating what you learned abroad and what you know from home and coming up with a new you – it would be impossible to revert to who you were before your travels. Your new friends and experiences have changed you forever and so you continue to grow and love from a new perspective. No doubt about it AmandaPanda!

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