Help Sell Your Doctor’s Getup!

Here is a post from about two weeks ago that never made it to posting while I was still down in Paraguay…Today was an interesting day. I took a trip out to Luque, a town close to the airport, about 1 hour on the colectivo from downtown Asuncion. Luque is known for  their jewelry and thermos factories, (for those of you Mate or Terere drinkers who need the most fashionable thermos to accompany you everywhere!) I have been looking for little gifts to bring back with me and thought that some typical Paraguayan Filigrana would be a nice addition to my collection.

Orchid in Filigrana

The day was a success for many reasons. I was able to figure out how to get to Luque and get around the city without a problem, I got to eat Don Vito’s for lunch (they are famous in Paraguay for their delicious empanadas, but today I had a milanesa sandwich!) and even ate ice cream. I also got to check a number of things off my list!

On my way back from Luque, I took the local bus – well they are all local, but this one took a lot more turns into local streets than the bus I took entering the city. The ride was long, and the bus was packed, and a measure for ignoring all the people I felt sorry for standing above me sweating and miserable, I kept my eyes glued out the window. While paying close attention to the happenings in the world, I noticed two advertisements that instantly made me smile.

First, I saw a beauty salon. An average place with a “creative” name “Belleza Exotica” (Exotic Beauty). Now what does that call to mind from a North American point of view, you might think of some beautiful Brazilian women with long wild locks and deeply tanned skin, or even of some Southeast Asian beauty, again with the long crazy hair and a wild look in her eyes. Well here in Paraguay, apparently “Exotic” means blonde, beautiful, curly locks…more specifically the blonde, beautiful, curly locks of Mena Suvari (before she shaved her head, of course). Oh, the irony!

Wild and Exotic!!

Still laughing to myself about the random and bizarre use of this celebrity’s profile, I read a store front sign that read “Equipment for your Hospital” with a nice large image of IZZY STEPHENS, errr Katherine Heigel.

This image provokes professionalism in work uniform.

Now if American-made celebrities don’t give you a sense of confidence in your products, I don’t know what will…and I wonder who’s getting paid the rights to use those photos?

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