Consumerism the Wright Way

Do you think the Wright brothers would have known what would come of their most precious invention – flight? They made it 45 seconds across a horse racing track in France to start what would be come the monstrosity that is air travel today. Would they have guessed that airport traffic would be disastrous, or that people would be content to spend hours at an airport awaiting their departing so long as Duty Free shops are readily available.

The real kicker, however, is the ability to be a full-blown consumer while thousands of feet in the air. The most spectacular thing to ever occur in the lives of Wilbur and Orville Wright has become an opportunity to watch movies, a favorite TV program, buy some last minute Christmas gifts such as a bracelet, perfume, or even an automatic pet feeder, or perhaps write a blog post (like yours truly.)

It makes me laugh to realize I am very much a part of this society of frequent travelers, and while I have never taken advantage of the discounted and Duty Free offers available to me mid-flight, I certainly take advantage of the free TV and glass of wine!



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