The only image of a cockroach that doesn't make me gag...

A cucaracha, unlike a cucuruchu (an ice cream cone), is disgusting and has long antennae and some strange looking round tail of sorts…and I am currently the proud pet-parent of one! I sat on the toilet for a nice, pleasant pee when I thought I saw something black-ish. Couldn’t be…I ignored it. then I felt something on my thigh and quickly brushed it off to notice IT WAS A COCKROACH!!! I JUMPED UP FROM THE TOILET AND IT STAYED ON THE BOWL, CHILLING, WAITING ME OUT! AGHHHHHHHH! So I decided the best route would be to a) never use the toilet again and b) open the window, shut the door, and pray.

Unfortunately, however, the Cucuracha, sensing my fear, decided to follow me into the great outdoors on wings (IT CAN FLY!!) and glided with ease into my room where I began to beat it with a piece of paper (not the most effective method, I might add.) He climbed up the doorway as I periodically smacked his head with my pitiful sheet of paper and knocked him back to the ground. Ground zero. He then began to run, with my encouraging stomping behind him, towards the staircase where he dove headfirst down…well perhaps one step in…and he is now just patiently waiting for me to fall asleep until he can come rest on my thigh once again.
How did I get to be so lucky, to invite such a wide array of beings to share my living quarters with me? Why do they always know how to get in, and never know how to exit? I may just never sleep again…sigh.

One response to “Cucuracha

  1. hahaha, you made me LOL! this is much funnier than when you described it to me over the phone 😉

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