Good Friends

If I can continue to use my blog for self-reflection, which you all must enjoy if you are still reading? (wink wink) I must say that I have always been pretty lucky in the friends department. I’ve never had a shortage of truly wonderful people in my life. I don’t know if I just attract good people, or happen to find them wherever I go, but I do know that once I find them, I CLING for dear life and never let go.

These friendships have also taught me how universal humanity and kindness are. Sarcasm flows freely border to border, loving people, kind words, smiles, hugs, laughter…no matter where you go in the world, or even from one state to another back home, you can find someone to call a best friend. Someone to share a joke with, or even a sideways glance when something strange happens.

I am so happy I have found such a strong, eclectic, and unique group of people that I get to call my friends. From all over the U.S., and all over the world really, there are people I can count on to help me out, or to talk, or to have the answers to my questions.

Thank you to my friends for being you.



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