What am I thankful for?

As I get ready to start preparing for two big Thanksgiving dinners this week…one with friends on Wednesday and one with colleagues on Thursday…I have to ask myself what am I thankful for. The list is somewhat easy, but certainly not without its complexities!

  1. My family – for giving me the means to succeed and always supporting me even when I tell them I am quitting my job and moving to South America for a little while
  2. My friends – who are my backbone and who make me a (somewhat) rational human
  3. My boyfriend – for bringing excitement and love into my life
  4. Animals – my pets, specifically, but just in general – for being so loving unconditionally and just for existing
  5. WWF – for giving me the chance to explore my passions, and giving me an avenue to change my life – and, of course, for saving the world
  6. Living in Paraguay – for helping me to understand myself and my limits, for teaching me patience and another rhythm of life
  7. The changing seasons in New York – I’ve realized now more than ever how much each season means to me – and how truly beautiful where I come from is
  8. Air Travel – I would be nowhere without you! (no pun intended…)
  9. The Internet – someone had to say it…I don’t know how I would pass my days, or stay connected, or do anything really, without it
  10. My youth – and learning while I’m young how to take care of myself, how to eat well, how to exercise, and just generally how to feel good


The list goes on, and maybe I’ll add on to it a little later – but I am feeling particularly grateful today for the things that have happened in my life and wanted to shout it (or blog it) to the world!

What are you thankful for?


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