Kitty Update…or lack-there-of

I still have my little Paraguayan Street Cats. They are growing every week, I’m actually amazed at how fast they grow! I guess leaving the food out all the time might help that process some, (and also adds to the labor intensive cleaning the litter box every hour!) They still like to cuddle at night, or to attack the invading predator under the sheets as I shift my body in my sleep. Basically, they are adorable, but I am still desperate to find them a home!

My 3 Gatitos Looking so Sweet

I brought them to their second Adoption Fair yesterday, which was unsuccessful to say the least. The fair means well, and hopes to find homes for all these animalitos – but in the 90 degree heat of the day, with 10 cats crammed together in cages awaiting their fate, I just realized that was not the best way to get them adopted. They most certainly suffered from heat exhaustion and tense conditions from hundreds of people walking by and poking around and the anger at having to share a small, cramped space with cats they didn’t know. It just broke my heart again to see them stuck in those conditions. It was such a relief when after two and a half hours I decided to call it quits and brought them back home where they promptly fell asleep for no less than 2 hours.

So the struggle continues of finding them an adequate home where they can live out their lives in their patria (motherland.) One potentially good sign is my taxi driver from yesterday who actually told me he wanted one of the cats! We are meant to meet up today to do a handoff, so keep your finger’s crossed he comes through and Gatito 1, 2, or 3 finds a happy home today!


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