I’ll take a Buddha’s Head and one of those, please!

One of the greatest things about living in a sub-tropical climate, and neighboring Brazil, is the abundance of delicious and hard-to-pronounce or understand fruits that are available everyday. Take, for instance, my trip to the grocery store this week where I purchased guava, papaya, blackberries (they may not seem rare, ooooh but they are!), some “sweet” citrus fruit called Limona (no clue), and fig! I opted to skip over the mango, passion fruit, raspberries, and various in-season citrus fruits. I have started a bad great habit of buying new and differen fruits or vegetables whenever I see them. It’s cultural/cuisinal learning, if you ask me!

Take for instance, the Jack Fruit (Yaca). On our recent trip to Brazil, Aleks and I were stunned by this absolutely gigantic fruit that seemed to be falling from trees all over the place in Brazil. I finally got an answer to my question of “WTF is this?!” today when I was told “Yaca”… I rushed home and promptly googled “Yaca” to discover the English equivalent is Jack Fruit…now I don’t think I’ve ever even heard of that before, but I am grateful there is an easy-to-understand translation!

It's alive!!

I also bought a type of citrus fruit I was told was called Limona (though I cannot find it on google OR wikipedia currently!) that is like a lemon, only sweet…how could I resist its juicy temptation?

And a couple weeks back I snapped a quick shot of a couple of strange looking fruits in the supermarket who’s names were unfamiliar to me and who’s taste I still don’t know! In English they are Buddha’s Head and Loquat, respectively.

So much variety!

So continue my food explorations…I’ll be sure to keep a solid log to bring back with me for when I determine what each of these strange new items are!


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