Hug a Cat, Eat an Arepa, and Shake my Booty! Who’s In?

I remember as a kid, when summer camp was coming to an end, and after 8 weeks of living in the Berkshires in Massachusetts my friends an I would begin to daydream about (and dread) the end of the summer and returning home to our lives. While we were all excited to get back to our own rooms, or pets, or friends, or boyfriends, or whatever it was we had left behind, there was a feeling of sadness that clung to the air when we realized another summer had passed us by and we were about to return to the real world to begin yet another year of school – a life that did not involve living with your 8 best friends in a wooden cabin on Lake Ashmere and hearing the wake up bell ring at 7 am and having morning sing and afternoon Milk and Cookies or even afternoon swim.

I don't know why you say "Goodbye"...I say "Hello."

One thing I always loved about those last days of each summer, aside from the heightened emotions and elation of the events of the previous 2 months, was thinking about what was going to be the FIRST thing I would do when I got home. And then the second, and third, and fourth… The list would go on from taking a bubble bath to talking for hours on the phone to eating Pizza to hugging my cats.

Now that I stand at the edge of my present short-term life adventure with little over a month remaining, I find myself thinking about much the same thing. What will be the first thing I do when I get home? What will be my first home cooked meal? What will be my first meal out? Who do I want to see first and where? While most of the answers are easy enough, it’s still nice to think of my list of FIRSTS…

  1. Hug Mom and Dad
  2. Hug Cody, Cooper and Pumpkin and cry tears of joy for being able to snuggle them again
  3. Turn on my U.S. Cell Phone (oh, how I’ve missed you 1176!)
  4. Call every single person I know and scream for joy that I’m home! (You all know who are you are and when you can expect my call!)
  5. Order in Paese Spaghetti and Meatballs (still the best there is!) OR as an equally delicious alternative eat Mom’s Homemade Spaghetti and Meatballs!
  6. Go for a run on the bike path (assuming there is no snow or ice blocking my path!)
  7. Organize all of my friends at one single bar in NYC and cry upon arrival for seeing everyone again!
  8. Make a point to eat at every single restaurant I have been craving the last 5 months (it will be 6 months without indulging by then!)
    1. MUD
    2. Caracas Arepas Bar
    3. Cafe Orlin
    4. Pizza 33 (the memories!)
    5. 2nd Ave Deli – or anywhere else that can give me some damn good matzoh ball soup!
    6. Rio Grande– I haven’t had a good guacamole or margarita in ages!!
    7. Essa Bagel (that one’s for Aleks)
    8. Momofuku Milk Bar – I can already the Chocolate, Marshmallow, Cornflake cookie…mmmm
    9. Morandi
    10. Spotted Pig – for the most amazing food ever.
    11. Buenos Aires Restaurant – I do see the irony, hence why this is so far down the list!
  9. Bar Hop…all over the city – Dark Room, Tonic, Cornerstone, The Porch, Fat Baby, The Cake Shop
  10. Turn on the TV – which I have missed so much these last few months…or I will be accepting donations of the most recent seasons of Gossip Girl, Glee, House, 30 Rock, Grey’s Anatomy


And I really really do!

Feel free to add your own suggestions of what I should do when I arrive home! And also, I’d love to hear from you – what are the things you would miss most about your city if you left and came back?


One response to “Hug a Cat, Eat an Arepa, and Shake my Booty! Who’s In?

  1. maybe call your sister… What am I, chopped liver?

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