Tasting My Buenos Aires Querido

Being back in the land of the Porteño was a feeling of cultural and culinary bliss I don’t know if I can do justice on paper, err the blogosphere. The boyfriend and I stayed at an apartment we rented in Palermo SoHo, one of the hippest, chic-est neighborhoods in Buenos Aires. We were within 2 blocks of delicious restaurants, bars, shops, and wineries.

Our first night we wandered about 10 blocks down the road to La Cabrera Norte, where we waited for about an hour staring through the window and salivating while we watched others chow down on massive amounts of unbelievably juicy looking meat. After some breadsticks and complementary champagne we were at last guided into a back room of the restaurant and seated. It wasn’t a difficult decision of what to order, Bife de Chorizo – which, thankfully, the American expat sitting at the table next to us informed us that one order was more than enough for two people. He was absolutely right. We started with our plate of chorizo which was soon followed by a few huge cuts of meat and a platter of different sauces and toppings to go alongside. We also began our week-long ritual of a bottle a day (sometimes two) and enjoyed a delicious Argentine Malbec.

Nothing wrong with being a wino.

Our first meal was awakening…reviving…rejuvenating. Could things get better from there, or had we peaked on our first day? We soon learned, things could get a lot better, which is hard to do when starting at the number one restaurant in a city and working your way backwards. I might argue that Miranda, in Palermo Hollywood, had the best rib-eye I’ve ever sunk my fork into, or teeth for that matter. Juicy, tender, flavorful, delicious. Or that their Dulce de Leche crepe was O worthy.

That is one hell of a meal.

We even had dinner one night at a great, but not the best ever, restaurant and headed to an old favorite of mine (where I celebrated my 21st birthday) Xalapa – and ate the most delicious Tres Leches cake in the world. Yes, my friends, I have traveled the world in search of a flavor that good ever since that fateful birthday (or about a month before when I first had the cake and determined my birthday had to be celebrated ONLY at Xalapa so I could taste that deliciousness once again,) and it simply does not exist!

I cannot say our waistlines were not affected by this constant admittance of food down our gullets, but ever drop, (and every pound, as it were) was worth it! Aleks permitted me as much reminiscing as I myself could handle, and we ate our way through the city – one Pizza Bum (Napolitana Pizza with Hearts of Palm on top), Freddo (see prior post about ice cream – and see drool trickling down my chin), and Mundo Bizarro (strange “bizarre” bar with great drinks), at a time!

Nothing beats Tomato, Ham, Tons of Cheese, Hearts of Palm and an Olive per Slice

**Helpful hint for any Hispano-Hablantes traveling to Buenos Aires in the near future – www.guiaoleo.com.ar is a complete food guide to the city, complete with neighborhoods, type of cuisine, and reviews!


2 responses to “Tasting My Buenos Aires Querido

  1. When I went to Buenos Aires I had the opportunity to experiment the wine culture of the country doing a Wine Tasting that let me know the best or the Argentinean wines. It is a really good option for wine lovers and travelers looking for an authentic taste of Argentine gourmet culture in Buenos Aires allowing them to know some of the southern hemisphere’s most celebrated wines.


  2. If I’m licking the computer screen right now, I should probably go get lunch. Muy celosa!

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