I Scream for Ice Cream!

I didn’t realize until I moved to Paraguay that I was such a “dulcetona” or person who loves sweets. Ok, so that statement is only partially true; I love dessert, I love chocolate, I love fruit – the sweeter the better – and I love cookies, (oh, and brownies and pie and banana bread…) but I guess I didn’t realize it was an actual problem and potential health hazard until I arrived here.

Since my first day at WWF we have had dessert in the office at least twice a week, sometimes four or five times. My first week there were sweets to welcome me, someone’s birthday, then my birthday, etc and the list kept growing. Ice cream, cakes, cookies, mousse, and anything with dulce de leche was brought in as a “small treat”. Those small treats add up over time, but who’s counting, right?

I have to say, aside from the unbelievably delicious alfajores and other dulce de leche filled sugar cookies, the one thing I cannot get enough of is ice cream. Ice cream in all flavors served creamy and delicious in a cone, piled high with a spoon to make sure not even a melty drip is wasted. The flavors range from Dulce de Leche to Chocolate with Dulce de Leche and Cookies to Sweet Cream with Berries to Mango. The flavors go on and on and the more heladerias (ice cream stores) that you try, the more flavors you discover!

Carving out my masterpiece of creamy delight!

While in Buenos Aires most recently, I recounted, salivating, the ice cream flavors made by Freddo from the days when I lived there in college. I told my boyfriend that we would just have to try out all of the ice cream “parlors” in the city in order to ensure we had truly had the best! The choices were Freddo, Volta, Persicco, Munchis, and the list goes on… We experimented with Passion Fruit Cheesecake, Tramontana (Sweet Cream with Swirls of Dulce de Leche and Chocolate), Dulce de Leche Granizado, Banana Split and even cigar-shaped ice cream filled cookie and chocolate crust Cubanitos. In the end we determined you couldn’t rule out one ice cream place over another since they were all too incredibly delicious and deserving.

My happy place

If you’ve never tried Argentine Ice Cream, (or even Paraguayan which comes in at a close second) you can’t even imagine the deliciousness that you are missing out on. I have been craving this sweet creamy cold flavorful amazing helado for the four years since I’ve been out of South America and truly don’t know what I will do when I return to the northern hemisphere and have to make due with Carvel or Ben and Jerry’s or even Pinkberry as a substitute!

Fear not, however, as this dulcetona will certainly find a way to keep her heart happy by way of stomach.


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