A Little Slice of Heaven in Bahia

Morro de Sao Paulo was like a dream come true. Pure relaxation – waking up in the morning whenever we wanted, walking to the little kitchen cafe area to have a delicious homemade breakfast consisting of fruits, fresh juice, delicious bread, cheese, homemade marmalade, and freshly baked cakes. Not to mention tea with steamed milk, (my favorite!) Watching tiny monkeys dance around the trees and coming in close to sit near us and wait patiently for bananas.

Our Monkey Friend at Breakfast

We would begin each day with breakfast and then back to our cabin to determine our plan for the day. Would we walk to the 2nd Beach which was more populated and lay on the sand drinking coconuts and eating Acai, (a delicious Brazilian berry found only in the Amazon that they mix with bananas or other fruits and granola – it is simply delicious!) or would we wander to the deserted beach far beyond our Pousada where only the locals went and knew to go and sit on lounge chairs drinking fresh coconut water and having hearty lunches of beef, rice, beans and salad while overlooking the gentle waters?

I am not aiming to make you all jealous (though it is an added bonus!) but rather to paint the picture of our perfect escape accurately. We lazed away the days drinking our freshly juiced fruit and coconuts, reading by the water and eating yummy meals when the mood struck us. One afternoon the host at our Pousada helped us organize horseback riding on the island. We spent a few hours riding through the village beyond the touristy coast into a privately owned Estancia and finally through the Mangroves to the unpopulated 5th Beach. I hadn’t been on a horse in so long and it felt great just to be moving freely and exploring seemingly deserted terrain.

Wandering Through the Jungle

All in all Morro de Sao Paulo was the perfect place for us to spend a week reacquainting ourselves, relaxing, and catching some sun. If only I could be back there now!


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