The Many Forms of Yogurt

So here is a topic you don’t often find yourself discussing around the dinner table, or out for a jog with a friend, YOGURT. What makes yogurt so special, so unique, that it is deserving of it’s very own post? Well, in Paraguay, the only form of yogurt you can buy is bebible, or drinkable.

I still remember in Ellen Degeneres’ Standup from a few years back, Here and Now, where she does a whole segment on Go-Gurt:

“Yes, we’re lazy. Yet we also can’t seem to sit still. So we’ve started making things like GO-GURT. That’s yogurt for people on the go. Let me ask you, was there a big mobility problem with yogurt before? How time-consuming was it, really? [pretending to be on the phone:] “Hello?…Oh, hi, Tom…oh, I’ve been dying to see that movie…Umm, no…I just opened up some yogurt…Yeah, I’m in for the night…No, not even later-it’s the kind with fruit on the bottom. Well, have fun. Thanks anyway.”

So when I first arrived to Paraguay, with fresh memories of deliciously thick Greek strained yogurt, which I was used to eating just about every morning, I almost laughed when every container or bag, (yes, they have milk products in plastic bags here,) read “Bebible”. It couldn’t possibly be true.

Bag o' Gurt!

After a few weeks protest, and avoiding the consumption of yogurt that wasn’t as thick as I wanted it to be, I decided to give it a shot. And thank god I did! It is truly and completely delicious. I don’t know if I can ever switch back to the ‘regular’ stuff after Paraguayan yogurt. Now granted, it doesn’t have that same filling quality on first impression, but it definitely satisfies. Add a little bit of Muesli to the mix and you’ve got yourself a delicious breakfast, or as they do in Spain (and sometimes in my mouth,) a delicious postre, (dessert)!

I’m sorry Ellen, but long live yogurt for people on the go!


One response to “The Many Forms of Yogurt

  1. hahaha, thanks for the laugh! Glad you discovered your bag o’ gurt.

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