Finding Tea in a Coffee Drinker’s World

Not sure how many others there are out there who also LOVE tea. I don’t just mean, oh there’s no coffee around, guess I’ll have some tea, or I should be healthier, fill me up with some green leaves. I truly love tea. And that has been a big challenge living in Paraguay, a land of Coffee Drinkers.

First of all, there only exists TEA. Everyone restaurant you go to, if you order, two your options are with or without milk. Occasionally with some Green or Manzanilla (Chamomile) mixed in for extra measure. There aren’t the Chais, the Sleepytime, the Apple Cinnamon, the EARL GREY (my personal favorite) or other variations of blacks, reds, whites.

Cup o' Tea?

Feeling uninspired, (and wishing I could find a TEA shop that sells loose leafs not solely meant to improve my digestion where I could have my pick of flavors, strengths, etc,) I went back to Casa Rica to check out their selection, and mentally crossed my finger’s. Thankfully, all that finger crossing paid off and I managed to find a couple of new varieties; Vanilla Honey Chamomile and Te Taragui (Argentine brand) Earl Grey!! I have fallen for the Earl Grey trap here before so I was not convinced, but once I opened up the burnt orange package and steeped in my boiling water,  my senses were filled with a familiar sensation and I felt at ease. It was delicious and exactly what I had been missing all these months!

I want one of these!

Now don’t get me wrong, I will still accept tea donations from around the world to help keep my satisfaction at a sustainable level, but in a place where everyone only ever drinks coffee, it’s nice to know there are at least a few of us searching for some loose leaves to keep our balance.


3 responses to “Finding Tea in a Coffee Drinker’s World

  1. I love tea as well, and normally I’m happy to have Earl Grey or the Twinings Everyday tea. At home, that wouldn’t make me want to boil the kettle though so I have some lemon & ginger tea 🙂 My favorite is a Twinings one that I haven’t found from the UK yet (?), it’s a black tea blend with passion fruit and mango. It’s ace!!

  2. amandasperspective

    Glad someone else can related to this problem! Where are you living sans tea?

    • I live in the UK so there’s plenty of tea around! It’s funny how some blends you can only find from some countries though. Hope you are surviving!!

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