Juice Booster

So out of nowhere, perhaps due to ridiculously cheap prices in grocery stores at the moment, I decided I wanted to start drinking 1 cup of carrot juice a day. It’s good for your overall health – your vision, your skin – and the potassium is especially good when you are exercising.

So I bought 2 kilos of carrots, for a grand total of less than $0.40 USD and about a kilo of oranges to mix in – costing about $0.15 a kilo and began to peel the carrots and skin the oranges.

Power Juice Material

I then proceeded to blend it all in Fatima’s juicer – only to find that very disappointingly little juice was coming out on the other end, while there was an upsurge in fruity fibers on the other. (Post to come soon about carrot orange bread of some sort because I couldn’t bring myself to throw it away!)

I still managed to yield about 2 water bottles worth to have for the next few days, and as soon as I run out I will buy and make some more! I have to say, for those of you unsure of what juice combinations will be tasty, I highly recommend Orange Carrot juice! It’s really delicious and I didn’t even add a drop of sugar 🙂

Fruit Juice To Go

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