Strawberry Fields Forever

Paraguay is famous for having specific fruit seasons throughout the year. This month is “La Epoca de Frutillas” or Strawberry Season. There is one town in particular that is most famous for their strawberries, Aregua. It is about 45 minutes outside of Asuncion and is a favorite weekend spot for locals and tourists alike. It sits right on the same lake as in San Bernardino, which if you remember from this post is pretty badly contaminated and you definitely wouldn’t risk emerging with three eyes for a quick dip in it’s murky black depths.

Anyway, in Aregua, they are currently hosting a Strawberry Festival, Exposición de Frutillas, to celebrate the abundance of red juicy deliciousness! I was invited to join Laura and her family out there, where we proceeded to engorge ourselves on strawberry creations of all kinds; strawberry juice, strawberry cakes, chocolate covered strawberries, strawberry empanadas (my personal favorite), strawberry ice cream, strawberry liquor, marmalade, strawberry flan.

I left there about 2 pounds heavier, (or maybe 7 if you include the two kilos of strawberries I purchased!) with grand ideas of what I will make with all my new berry-friends! (Suggestions are always welcome!)

Strawberry Stands Galore with all kinds of red goodies

Jams and Jellies? Or maybe just a few kilos of fresh picked berries?

The sweetest most delicious juice!

You can imagine the deliciousness

Chocolate Strawberry Cake


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