La Dulce Negra

Today was a very sad day here in Paraguay. Since I last posted about Negra from my visit with her this weekend, she has been suffering greatly, and refusing to eat. I’ve watched over the last two days as she struggled to stay with us and ultimately lost the battle. This morning, La Negra passed away.

The tragedy of her life long lived on the same street from birth to death, and the sweet face she always had filled with a mixture of love and melancholy will not soon be forgotten. I can only hope that in her last days on Earth she felt more cared for and more loved than in her entire life.

I know she came to say good bye to me last week, and perhaps in her own way to say thank you. She had a haven from her difficult life within our office doors, which I believe is why she refused to leave the office for the weekend. I am grateful that her last meal was a delicious one made with love and hope for a happier future. She has found her peace at last.

Rest well, Negra. You are in my heart.


2 responses to “La Dulce Negra

  1. Dear Amanda – I am sorry about Negra but very glad she got to know your love and kindness. For Negra to have been touched with the blessing of your radiance and love – I’m sure felt wonderful. Like the sun bursting forth on a cloudy day and showering all of us with radiance and warmth – I’m sure that’s what you did for Negra. Thanks for being such a loving, caring person.

  2. You made the end of her hard life much more bearable, and she absolutely knew that. That’s why she came back to you, and why she didn’t want to leave. She was so lucky that you crossed her path and cared for her, and in the love and care you provided, she got a hint of a life with you that no doubt helped make up for the hardship that were her earlier years.

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