How to Use Your Leftovers II

I went out for a delicious dinner with Laura last night. We decided earlier in the day that we wanted to treat ourselves to a nice restaurant where neither of us had ever been, and preferably one with equally enticing drinks! She got to my house around 8:30 with a place in mind that specializes in pasta. For those of you who know me, I LOVE pasta! Seriously, I could live on pasta, cheese, and steak and never eat another thing the rest of my life. Okay, lie – I’d need at least a little chocolate in there!

So I know I’ve been commenting on the overload of MEAT here in Paraguay, but I realized that it’s not the meat so much that bothers me as the kind of meat. Paraguayans eat meat in all forms, primarily stewed, boiled, ground, and usually IN something else (like an empanada,) whereas I am used to eating meat in the form of a deliciously juicy steak.

Since I was trying to be “healthy” I opted not to order the pasta and instead ordered what turned out to be about 3 servings of juicy, tender, slightly red and totally delicious steak.

I already took a bite before snapping this shot, oops!

Couple that with a bottle of Argentine wine for two, and you have yourself a perfect evening!

Now, what to do with the remaining half of the steak that I couldn’t finish…tonight was the perfect opportunity to make an awesome steak, avocado, tomato and onion salad. YES!

Flavor Combo Perfection!

Amanda’s experiments with how to use leftovers successfully continues!

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