How to be Boss

So aside from the obvious changes and challenges that moving to a foreign country provides, there is also the career aspect of being a volunteer with WWF. The office recently let go our Director of Communications and I was asked by Lucy, (the head of WWF Paraguay) to fill the role. From now on you can call me Miss Communications! [insert laugh track here.]

I have taken on the challenge with zest and vigor, excited to be working in communications, which is my background from the old country, and particularly excited to be representing the Panda in the world at large, (or at least Paraguay at large!) The role, of course, comes with it’s own challenges and setbacks that I am learning how to cope with. Primarily with how to be boss. Oh, and how to work with Paraguayans.

I have often managed teams, both ruly and un, but I have never had the authority placed in my hands to direct those working under me. Ok, that might be an exaggeration as I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what I was doing as a Project Manager in the past, however this feels different. I have a team of communicators (3) a laundry list of tasks to complete, and not very much time to do it in. Not to mention, I have my very own trouble maker employee who likes to make things just a little bit more difficult. Yes, life at the top is good!

That's right, folks!


One response to “How to be Boss

  1. The best bosses are the ones that don’t “boss”. Best of luck with your new role, in a new place! 🙂

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