Running in Paraguay, or Asunción Running Experiment, Continued

Yesterday I completed a full 2.98 miles (I think that counts as 3!) in my Asunción Running Experiment, as it will be called from now on. I was pretty impressed with myself, as I only needed a three-minute break in the middle of the run, to catch my breath and restore my energy for the trip back.

Thanks to I can see exactly how far I went (and back!)

Now just to be sure we aren’t over-congratulating ourselves here, I think what I am doing more closely resembles a “light jog”. However, it’s more light jogging than I’ve ever done in my life – so therefore we will continue with the “running” theme!

I was also particularly happy with yesterday’s run as the temperature has suddenly spiked in Asunción, (about the same time as the hazy, gray, smog settled in.) I attempted a run on Saturday, and fought panting and wheezing to hit 25 minutes before I physically could not battle the 95 degree heat and my soon-to-be spasmodic legs.

With plenty of water and many a banana, we shall continue this experiment to see how far I get before the heat takes me down.

Upwards and onwards.


3 responses to “Running in Paraguay, or Asunción Running Experiment, Continued

  1. Interesting blog, I want to read more, but I want to know more and see more.

    Pictures, and a little background- I’m not seeing an “about” page to find out about you, who you are, what you look like and maybe even how you’re doing all this traveling.

    • amandasperspective

      Thanks for stopping by, you can click the tab “Anywhere is Home” to read a little more about me. Enjoy reading!!

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