What does a Paraguayan Look Like?

So the funny thing about Paraguay, is there is no real typical “Paraguayan look”. People here are literally from a complete mix of descendants, primarily Guarani, Spanish, German and some Japanese thrown in for good measure. For those of you who don’t know, Paraguay was a hotspot for German Nazi’s fleeing from Germany both during and before WWII. When I say fleeing, that is exactly what I mean, and not escaping. While some may have come here for asylum, (like Josef Mengele – the infamously psychotic Nazi doctor,) others arrived to begin their “ethnically pure” colonies. But as we have forgiven the Germans, we can move forward in history and assume that people do not always believe as their ancestors did.

At any rate, throughout many epochs in Paraguayan history, the intermingling of races and ethnicities was mandated by law, thus eliminating any pure bloodlines or direct traces to Spanish descendants and giving the Paraguayan a mixed and meddled look. Even when in the campo I was surprised to see little blonde hair blue eyed or red-headed children mixed among the more “native” looking children at the same impoverished schools, leading the same ‘down-on-their-luck’ lives.

What does this mean for the overall Paraguayan, in terms of attractiveness? The women here are definitely mixed, though some most certainly are beautiful. I wouldn’t say there are as many knock outs as in, say, Argentina, but beauty among the ladies does exist. Another rare trait of a Paraguayan woman, strangely, is the complete and total lack of breasts. I mean literally, it has been commented to me, and is noticeable without comment, that women here are flat-chested – regardless of age, weight, size, heritage. What makes that so funny is that you know every woman you see in this country who has big boobs, (of which there are quite a few,) had them surgically placed there!

Now for the men. I cannot be as forgiving with them, apologies in advance. I have yet to see a really attractive Paraguayan man. Someone to make you turn your head and watch them walk past. I don’t know if this is from blood mixing, or years of drinking terere, or what, but Paraguayan men are nothing worth looking at! I am still waiting for that moment in the street when I can say, (and I certainly will for having not seen it in so long,) “WOW – he’s hot!” I might just have to wait for my trip to well-known neighboring countries where the men are certainly prized possessions, Brazil and Argentina – or of course for when my boyfriend arrives – to use this exclamation!


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