A Night at the Teatro

Last night I accompanied my friend Laura and her boyfriend to the Municipal Theater to see the internationally known play, “Closer”.  Some of you might remember the movie from 2004 starring Natalie Portman, Julia Roberts, Jude Law, and Clive Owen, which is a twisted love story about two couples who’s lives become inseparably intertwined and the hurtful things love makes people do. While many friends really disliked the movie, for one reason or another I loved it. The music, the casting, the story, the betrayals – Hollywood at its finest!

Very Tiny Movie Poster

I was excited to see the play here in Asuncion. Nicolas García, who played the character “Larry” was simply phenomenal in the role. Every scene he played he was undeniably Larry, who is a sex-crazed, egotistical doctor who may or may not have been a drunk. Perfect casting for that role. The role of Dan was also very well cast with an incredibly good looking Hernan Melgarejo. While his acting was not quite on par with Larry, he was still enjoyable to watch. As for the women, I really liked the woman who played Anna, Belén Fúster, however she was a little bit more stiff in her role than necessary. And lastly the part of Alice, played by Gabriela Cubilla, was very well acted – but unfortunately I did not enjoy watching her act! I think in comparison to the Natalie Portman role from the movie, Gaby just couldn’t compare, (really, who can?)

The play was overall very well done on the stage of the Teatro Municipal. I was surprised as how easily they were able to tell this twisted love story with so few props and settings, but I guess that’s good play writing for you! I do, however, feel like some key emotional or tragic elements were missing. I couldn’t relate to the overwhelming sadness of Alice or Dan, in their various moments, but I might be able to blame some of that on the language barrier. Also, I have to say, the play, (at least in writing,) was exactly equal to the movie. I don’t know if that credits the movie or the original playwright, Patrick Marber (pretty sure the play or book came first) but there was certainly no variation in this tale, and very little Paraguayization.

Overall an enjoyable experience and I will definitely try to go to the theater more before my time is up here!

Thank you Google Images for this great shot of the Teatro Municipal

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