Badass Graffiti

There is this one place in downtown Asunción just a few blocks away from my house that has a random set of stairs leading to a road up above. Whether it was a decision to make stairs instead of a hill I’m not sure, but you can tell that this particular set of stairs is a little seedy as there are usually kids, (mostly boys,) hanging around causing trouble – or as I’ve been told when some of my compañeras were in High School this was the place where all the kids would go to fight.  Regardless of its bad rep, it is oddly one of my favorite places to walk when no one is around because of the abundance of beautiful graffiti everywhere. Ironic, I know.

So as I’ve mentioned time and again, Asunción is not a safe place. Therefore it’s a bad idea to use your cell phone or camera in public, especially if you are a female walking alone, as someone may very likely approach you and take it. Well, on Sunday I was walking around and the streets of the downtown are usually fairly barren on Sundays, (since absolutely nothing is open,) so I found myself alone on the stairs. I never plan to be there, but always happen upon them and take a few minutes to look at the “art” and, of course, the stray dogs that live there. So I was feeling quite brave and decided that I was going to finally snap a couple shots of some of my favorite dibujitos (little drawings, i.e. graffiti) for all of our viewing pleasure.

The Famous "Tigre" = Jaguareté

Not as nice, but still pretty cool and clever


One response to “Badass Graffiti

  1. Those are awesome, kind of funny that it’s graffiti. I love that Zebra design!

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