Gourmet Foodie Heaven in Asuncion!

So, I gratefully discovered today that I am still capable of being a brand-biased, excessive consumer in Paraguay! Enter: Casa Rica, (located on Avda. España y San Martín – accessible by many buses including the 16, 28, 30, 37 – please don’t mind while I show off my newly acquired bus-taking skills!) Casa Rica is a well known gourmet grocery store here in Asuncion. It is located in the Villa Mora area of the city, which is more upscale and ritzier than the downtown area, (i.e. a lot more foreign money travels through that area.) The added benefit is that this grocery store caters to foreigners and carries seemingly endless stock of European and American brands of food and products that you cannot find elsewhere in Paraguay!

Thank God for Aunt Jemima!

And I believe we have the Swiss to thank for the Gummy Bears and Rocher Chocolates!

Can't forget good ole American Ale...Budweiser and Miller!

While I couldn’t find everything I wanted, I found a hell of a lot of goodies that I’ve been missing the last month and a half;

  • Marshmallows – because you can never have too many in your hot chocolate?
  • Raspberries
  • BRUSSELS SPROUTS! (Mel, I added random capitalizations with you in mind)
  • Brown Sugar – enter Chocolate Chip Cookies…if I can first find the chips
  • Trix cereal, which I don’t eat but was still exciting to discover

Now, for the most important ingredient I found, (save the best for last,) a HUGE, (in Paraguayan terms,) selection of cheese!! At least 6-10 different kinds!

The biggest cheese selection I've ever seen in Paraguay!

Needless to say I bought 4 different kinds! Queso Cheddar (you get it) to put on sliders for my American Dinner, 4 bags of mixed shredded cheeses including Cheddar, Mozzerella, Parmesan, and others, Tonnes Des Alpes, (which you can read about in my post about Experimenting with Traditional Cuisines,) and Gruyere! I also managed to buy a ton of vegetables to start adding more variety and healthiness to my diet, (which thus far has consisted of a lot of meat, fried/breaded/baked things, pasta, and countless desserts…)

After spending entirely too much time and entirely too much money in my new heaven, I cabbed it home to begin roasting eggplant, zucchini, and Brussels sprouts – just because I could. America, I have not forgotten you!


3 responses to “Gourmet Foodie Heaven in Asuncion!

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  3. Hello!.
    Now you will find marshmallows in Casa Rica!.
    And in march Casa Rica will present topics and cookings about the USA!
    Watch the website casarica.com.py or turistagourmet.com, this month we bring you Brasil, next month USA. You can also be a fan, search Casa Rica´s facebook, today we offer Nutella to a special price for example.
    We are happy that you liked our store!.

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