WWF Paraguay Saving Water

WWF has been all over the news this week here in Paraguay. We launched a campaign on Tuesday to protect the Guarani Aquifer, which supplies the country with its fresh water. At the risk of oversimplifying, the purpose of the campaign is to educate locals that even though it appears there is an endless supply of water in the country, there isn’t. The contamination of the country’s rivers and lakes, and the continued destruction of the Atlantic Forest is causing worry among environmentalists that the supply will soon run out.

We worked closely with Coca Cola to launch the campaign, (called Opa which means “It’s finished” in Guarani,) which consisted of a TV Spot, Radio Ads (of which I cannot understand a word!) a website, and print pieces. There is still some work to be completed on the site – as there is a lot of content we have not yet put up – but overall the launch was a success. The TV Spot features a little girl who is asking the simple question of why she can’t find water to give her plant. We follow her journey through the degraded forest searching for water and receive a powerful message. You can view the spot below.

The day of the launch itself was pretty exciting. The whole office went to the Hotel Excelsior in downtown Asuncion for the press conference announcing the release. There were tons of reporters, videographers, and photographers, (myself included – on behalf of WWF!) I had never been to a large press conference before, so it was great to see how that works in real life. Of course there was also food and some very tasty desserts, which I can’t even describe because I have no idea what they are, something like a bon bon covered in either sprinkles, almonds, or coconut.

Laura and I in our Panda Gear waiting for the press to arrive!

Almost the whole WWF Crew in front of the Campaign Banner

WWF is doing some pretty amazing work down here to raise awareness and spark interest in the environment. The media is also, thankfully, doing their part to spread these messages far and wide!

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