Best Empanadas in Asuncion

It must be said that Paraguayans love to eat lots of food inside of food, as I like to describe it. Lomo inside Pan Arabe (Arab style bread) Empanadas are rolled up pieces of dough filled with choclo (corn), carne (meat and usually includes egg and olive), jamon y queso (ham and cheese), 4 queso (self-explanatory amazingness), palmito (hearts of palm and cheese), pollo (chicken), and notably missing is verduras (vegetables)! Then there is the various forms of bread filled with cheese or meat or pork – I don’t even know what the formal name for this would be, but I do know they love it!

It must be said that the great thing about being in an office of people who love to eat as much as I do, (we get along REALLY well during mealtimes!) is that I am learning the best of the best in terms of food in Asuncion. We have the most delicious desserts, whether home made by Laura or Carmen, or from the bakery around the corner – usually little cakes and bite sized sweets filled with dulce de leche or creams of one kind or another. And we have eaten the most amazing empanadas I have ever had. I know I like to put a lot of emphasis on things that I enjoy, but really – I have never had quatro quesos quite like this before. The culprit: Don Vito’s

Thank you for being delicious, Don Vito!

Also, a popular dessert found both here in Paraguay and in Argentina is the Alfajor, (as I mentioned in an earlier post here.) The Alfajor is dulce de leche filled, chocolate covered heaven in every bite. As though there would need to be any improvement on this perfect cookie/dessert, the adventurous, (and in my opinion amazing,) food scientists at Nabisco have come up with the perfect blend of deliciousness and latin flare – I present to you the Alfajor Oreo!!

2 Layers of Cream, 3 Layers of Cookie, Covered in Chocolate.......mmmm

I don’t think there will ever be a day as long as I’m here where I complain of hunger…especially not with such novelties available at any supermarket!


One response to “Best Empanadas in Asuncion

  1. LOL

    I live in Asuncion (Paraguay) and I love ALFAJOR OREO, Mmmmmmmmm delish!!!!

    I love to travel and experience the local flavors, thats what I did in New York City in 2007. All those things that are normal for the americans, like pancakes, waffles, french toast, IHOP, KFC, Wendy’s, etc , for me it was like HEAVEN! I loved it!

    Even though everything in the US was delicious, I must admit that OUR Sprite, Coca Cola and McDonald’s taste better than the american “originals”.

    You should go to BOLSI, a restaurant that is in the Centro of Asuncion(Downtown). Estrella esquina Alberdi. I totally recommend!!!!!!!!!!

    They have the best coxinhas, sanduiches (the best is called Miami Cheese Steak), the best Risoto in Asuncion, they have “mini burgers”, Tiramisu, Lemon Cake, everything at BOLSI is delicious!

    You should try it!

    What are you doing in Asuncion? Are you from the US?

    Add me

    I love meeting people from other countries, all my friends here are paraguaian 😦 LOL

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