Eating with Your Hands

I’ve come to learn that Americans are very finger-food oriented. Hamburgers, fries, pizza, buffalo wings, mozzarella sticks, sandwiches, etc. (Wow that’s a healthy list of foods!) The day I see one of my friends take out a fork and knife to eat their chicken fingers, I will likely point and laugh. Parguayans, on the other hand, LOVE silverware! It doesn’t matter what the food is, you will likely see them trying to figure out a way to cut the food to avoid having to use their hands.

Take for instance the following “finger” foods, (in my book, of course,) that Paraguayans use silverware to eat; pizza, empanadas, quesadillas, rolls (yes, I promise you, fork and knife to eat a roll), pasta (I kid.) even ice cream when served in a cone also comes on a plate with a spoon! I am not sure if this fastidious way of eating comes from a desire to keep their hands clean, or what, but I do know that I caught myself rolling up a “fajita” the other night at a Mexican restaurant and chowing down, while my two dinner companions had fork and knife in hand. I can just imagine what it would be like to eat a cupcake with a Paraguayan!

And everyday I learn more and more how and why stereotypes of Americans are perpetuated abroad!

Example of Amanda eating Burger with Hands

2 responses to “Eating with Your Hands

  1. it’s kind of ironic too b/c it seems like germaphobia is such an american thing, and yet, americans apparently like to eat with their hands!!
    i wonder if the overactive cleanliness has something to do with realising that they are so “hands on” with their food. or if paraguayans are more “hands off” cuz they realise hands are naturally germy?

  2. amandasperspective

    Haha – I don’t know, maybe it is worth researching! All I know is I am washing my hands more here than ever before in my life! After every bus ride, every meal, every trip to the bathroom, every time I pet a dog, even after making a tea. Guess I am perpetuating the American Germaphobic Stereotype south of the border??

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