Cooking with Gas

While I know how to do it, I am much more accustomed to cooking on an electric stove at home. It heats up fast and to incredibly high temperatures, and it’s easy to shut off. You don’t have to worry about leaving the gas on or having a match on hand. Since arriving in Paraguay, I have learned how to open up the gas tank to let it flow, turn on the correct part of the stove (no labeling here for front, back, left right,) and light a match. POOF! A beautiful blue flame alights around the burner. It’s not so hard, except that I’m still learning how to control the temperature based on the size of the flame – especially since the flame is always a little bigger on the side you put the lit match…

So that's where the magic happens!

What else am I learning? How not to be wasteful. Aside from the obvious reasons for not wasting resources, Paraguay is also currently faced with a GAS SHORTAGE! Paraguay, as I have learned, imports all of their gas from Argentina. Due to the recent and severe drop in temperatures, Argentina has been saving their gas to use in their homes to keep warm and has extremely limited the amount of gas that they will supply to Paraguay. This causes a high increase in demand for gas as well as higher prices, (simple cost and demand.) Paraguay is currently trying to see if it is feasible to import gas from Uruguay, but will of course have to pay the higher price tag if it needs to travel such a far distance.

I, of course, am now afraid to cook anything on the stove as I don’t want to use up all of the family’s gas resources should they need it for themselves! This also, sadly, puts a halt on my All American Dinner which was meant to be tonight… I guess I have a few more days to set the ingredients and buy everything I need and will look into cooking during the week, or next Saturday! Does anyone know if an oven attached to a gas stove also runs on gas??


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