Take That – Big Oil (ahem – BP!)

Thank god BP finally got the leakage of oil under control, for the time being. I’m sure all have read the many articles by now saying that day #2 is still a success (though technically we are only about 24 hours from the first successful capping of the oil.) With so many biologists in the field observing the destruction of Oil to the gulf, BP will certainly have to pay for loss of life, especially for endangered species who have suffered fatalities bathed in oil.

SHAILA DEWAN from the NYTimes describes the effects of oil on animals in an article posted online today, “Oil — inhaled or ingested — can cause brain lesions, pneumonia, kidney damage, stress and death. Scientists working on the BP spill have seen oil-mired animals that are suffering from extreme exhaustion and hyperthermia, with the floating crude reaching temperatures above 130 degrees, Dr. Stacy said” (article here). I can’t imagine what these animals and the overall environment has suffered due to this disaster, but thankfully they can begin focusing solely on recovery and not worry about how to stop the fast flow of yet more oil.

Keep on keepin’ on to protect our environment!


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