An Update on the Street Dog

Little "Negra" from the block

If you have been as worried as I about the little dog form the street, you will be as happy as I was to learn her name, “Negra”. Now, she is not exactly black, so the name is a bit puzzling, but a name means she has been noticed and cared for. I spent last night cooking rice and mixing in hard-boiled eggs (chopped very finely) to give to her today. In a lull this morning, I also went to the supermarket to buy some dry dog food, (high in protein,) and some pork patĂ© to mix in (for flavor, of course.) I heated up the food and Sonia came with me to bring it outside to her, and she loved it!

While feeding her, we spoke to a neighbor across the street who informed us that she had been in the street for the last 10 years or so. That all the neighbors gave her small scraps of food and covered her veterinary bills for vaccinations as well as a surgery she needed last year due to a hip injury from being hit by a car. They also had given her some type of pill or shot which prevented her from getting pregnant, (and also, I learned, causes cancer in dogs later in life – will look into this later.) The good news is that Negra is not just suffering alone and cold on the streets. Yes she is alone, and she is also quite cold on a day like today, but the neighbors look after her and the man across the street even said he brings her indoors when it rains. Plus, later today Sonia and I will go to look for a dog sweater of some sort to put on her to keep her warm and dry over the next few days, until this cold spell passes.

So, I have to admit I feel hugely relieved to know that this dog is used to her little life on this block with those who look after her. No, it’s not a perfect situation, and at the end of the day she is still not being brought into a warm and inviting home, however her situation is not quite as dire as it had seemed to me yesterday. And on the bright side, I know that I can continue to feed her from the office so that I am satisfied in knowing she is getting sufficient food. As for the other dogs who also live on the block, there is only so much you can do with so many stray dogs around Asuncion, but I’m happy to keep giving food to whoever comes asking for it. No dog will go hungry on my watch.


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