Global Tiger Forum Pledges Increased Population by 2022

There has been some optimistic news on the battle against Tiger extinction. The Global Tiger Forum, which was originally organized in 1994 to bring together international countries in the hope of protecting the plight of the wild Tiger, was brought back to life and met a couple of weeks ago in New Delhi, India. This Inter-governmental body met to map out an action plan for reviving populations of Tigers in the wild, of which there are only 3,200 remaining. Their plans include the standardization of conservation methods for monitoring Tigers and maintaining their habitats, increasing law enforcement, and reviving awareness campaigns in the 13 countries where Tigers still live in the wild, and beyond. According to WWF India, the GTF has pledged a commitment to double the population of Tigers by the year 2022.

Powerful Tiger - thank you Google Images

Those of you who know me well know that Tiger’s are my favorite animal and that my ultimate life goal has been to work with them or work to save them. I’m doing what I can down here to work on preserving the home of the Jaguar, but it’s good to know that people are taking the risk to this amazing animal to heart and coming up with plans to save them! Humanity does not always disappoint!

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