A First for Latin America – Gay Marriage

People of the world – can’t possibly imagine a time in Latin America when it will be acceptable to be openly gay? Well, think again! Today, Argentina has officially become the first country in the Latin world to legalize gay marriage! Another victory in the world of equality, despite what the opposition may think. Read the story here.

No, this is not the flag of the Incan Empire being raised

What about Gays in Paraguay? you might be asking… From what I can tell so far, Paraguay is not quite on the same forward-thinking path as Argentina. Every club or bar I’ve been to where there has been an “assumed gay” they have been pointed out, and whispered about amongst friends. I’ve been told the, “I once had a gay friend,” story more than a few times, usually in a positive light, but still called to attention. I can’t imagine how hard it must be to be THE gay in the bar or in a group of friends, but hopefully other Latin countries, (Paraguay included,) can follow the lead of their southern neighbor and loosen up their “moral codes.”

Argentina, I applaud you!


One response to “A First for Latin America – Gay Marriage

  1. Wow, it sounds like it must be pretty rough to be gay in Paraguay right now. That makes me really sad. It’s not so easy in America, either! I recently discovered what it feel like to make out with a butch woman at a straight bar that was NOT the typical liberal type of scene we usually stick to, and have people stare at me with curiosity, disapproval, possibly disgust, who knows. It may have had something to do with our identities and gender performances — she was black, she had an almost shaved head, she wore ties, and vests, and button down shirts, whereas I was in an ultrafemme purple and hot pink flowy below-the-knee dress with some damn snazzy jewelry. The fact that this was even an issue for anyone is, I suppose, expected, given where we are now, but that’s what we need to work to change, because no one should should have to expect to be stared at with curiosity and disgust when they’re just showing their date affection. [We weren’t doing anything that straight couples don’t do in public ALL the time]. Luckily, I haven’t experienced anything worse yet, except for the biphobia coming at me from the gay community itself (ironic… uh, don’t you think? a little tooooooo ironic, yeah, i really do think.)

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