WWF Paraguay Protecting Life

For those who have been looking for more information about what exactly it is that the WWF Paraguay does, here is some basic information, which will be backed up down the road as I dive a little deeper into the world of conservation!

Hello, Panda!

WWF has two primary focuses:

– Protect reserves of land in the Atlantic Forest from deforestation, and re-forest parts of the jungle which have already been destroyed

– Protect the Guarani Aquifer, and water in general, to ensure the non-eternal supply does not run out

Both are incredibly large tasks and require tremendous intelligence, patience, and passion. It is amazing to see people at work in the office; planning for trips out to the forest to teach children about the dangers of deforestation, planning tv, web, and radio campaigns – or, err “espots” – to educate the masses of the danger of running out of water, drawing out maps to demonstrate loss of forest over months and years since the Paraguayan government does not have the tools to do so, leading legislation such as the Zero Deforestation Law which makes it a punishable offense to destroy any land that belongs to the Atlantic Forest, even if it is privately owned. The list goes on and on about the amazing work the team down here does and I am so excited to be a part of it! Stay tuned for further information about the work as I become more involved in the projects.


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