Wildlife Losses – U.S. = 3 Wildlife = 0

In other news, I have read 3 very troubling stories about the treatment of wild animals in the U.S. today:

  1. Roundups and gassing of Canadian Geese in Brooklyn, NY – Article from NYTimes can be found here
  2. Roundups and herding of wild horses in the dead summer heat in the mid-west by means of helicopters – leading to many injuries and deaths – Information from ASPCA can be found here
  3. BP’s solution for reducing oil in the water is to start “contained” fires, with complete disregard for the wildlife that is still struggling to survive in the murky waters – including the endangered Sea Turtle – Article from Tree Hugger can be found here (though if you Google it you can find many more)

WTF is going on and why do the “powers that be” think they can disregard the value of life?


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