Experimenting with Traditional Cuisines

Last night Fatima hosted a delicious dinner party. The menu consisted of a salad, pasta, a LOT of meat, and a selection of 5 or so different sauces. Oh, did I forget to mention the fondue pot placed in the middle? Each guest was given two different skewers to boil their carne (one to boil while you ate the other – but of course by the end we all had 2-4 pieces of meat per skewer.) The sauces were all delicious; yellow curry, mushroom sauce, onion sauce, some type of cream sauce, and guacamole. Mmmmm – and of course the guacamole was my favorite! We accompanied this with some Argentinean Malbec and Carbernet Sauvignon, also my favorites!

After the hours of fondue, Fatima served 3 types of cheese and bread – Muenster (though not any Muenster I’ve ever seen before, it was VERY stinky and spreadable,) Camembert, (obvious winner,) and a cheese I had never had before made in Brasil, (I believe,) Tons des Alpes, (I promised myself I would remember this name, but have no idea how to spell it! Will work on that one.)

Then came my favorite part! POSTRE! Wanting to contribute to the dinner party in some way, and being inspired by a coworker’s recent purchase of Marshmallows, (which basically don’t exist here save from the one super market that stocks American products,) I decided on a classic childhood favorite – Rice Krispie Treats! The only problem, aside from my obvious failure to understand measurements, was that I couldn’t find Rice Krispies! So I went with an obvious second choice, Corn Flakes. Worried about the consistency and texture of this dessert, I began to heat up entirely too much butter (meant to be 3 tbsp,) later partnered with a delicious bag of Marshmallows,(10 oz)! Fatima’s mother, Sadie, stood at my side throughout this entire process as she was so intrigued by marshmallows, which she had never seen before, and learning a new “American dessert!” She couldn’t believe how the marshmallows had melted down into liquid after about 10 minutes of stirring. Then came the 1.5 litres (6 cups) of Corn Flakes and voila – postre!

Corn Flake Marshmallow Gooiness wrapped in plastic 🙂

For any expats who may be wondering if Rice Krispie Treats are a suitable dessert for a table of refined foreign dinner guests, I am here to confirm! Everyone loved it – especially the gooey sweetness of it – and there were recipe requests.  As it turns out Rice Krispie Treats truly are the best dessert!


2 responses to “Experimenting with Traditional Cuisines

  1. I admire your resourcesfullness…..corn flakes and not rice krispy treats. And glad that you received confirmation about something I think you knew certainly by the age of 5….rice krispy treats always please.

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