Another First – Laundry in Paraguay

So I had another first experience today here in Paraguay, hang-drying my laundry on a clothesline! It seems so strange that I’ve never before used a clothesline, (unless you count the old days of hang drying towels and bathing suits on the side of our bunks at Camp Taconic when I was 10 – aw, camp!) Even while living in Buenos Aires, I just dropped all my clothes off at a local cleaner about 2 or 3 blocks from my house. The guy used entirely too much detergent but was so nice and friendly that I kept going back just to give him the business.

Anyway, they have a modern washing machine that “semi-dries” the clothes, but then you have to hang everything in the sun for a couple of hours so it’s dry enough to put away. I couldn’t do my laundry yesterday afternoon when I finally bought detergent because it wouldn’t have enough time to dry. Though I have to admit, that even with struggling with clothespins to hang everything up, and checking on it every hour or so to adjust sun exposure, it still felt easier than lugging everything down to the basement in my NYC apartment, or around the corner to the laundromat! (Man, that sounds lazy!)

Pretty clothes hanging to dry

Along the lines of learnings that I have acquired today thus far:

  1. Americans don’t know how to make ice cream
    • If you have ever tried South American helado (Argentinean or Paraguayan) you would realize that you’ve never really had ice cream before
  2. Food courts in malls around the world are all the same
    • The only difference is that McDonald’s in Paraguay actually has chicken on the menu, not just ominous “McNuggets”
    • Also – you can order mini kegs of beer in Paraguayan food courts
  3. Internet in Paraguay is just slow, and no matter how many programs you close at a time, SKYPE will still be inconsistent
  4. It is okay to call people “Gordo” (Fat guy) or “Flaco” (Skinny guy) – try that at home and you might lose a few friends!

I leave you with these words of wisdom for now. Suerte!

One response to “Another First – Laundry in Paraguay

  1. It sounds like a nice thing to hang your laundry. It probably comes in warm and from the son, and fresh smelling! And I like the learnings :). Damn, so our ice cream sucks, huh?

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