Ants in my pants!

A brief blurb from the countryside of Paraguay. If you have ever stood on an ant hill, you may have experienced this before, but for Laura and I it was certainly a first…Ants in our pants!!! We took a nice photo with one of Paraguay’s most famed journalists and directly after the click, we proceeded to dance around grabbing at our legs and arms as we realized we were being attacked! I of course just thought I was crazy until I realized Laura was yelling “HORMIGAS!!!” (ANTS!!!). So we ran to the car to try and take care of the problem, but they had already far exceeded a simple brushing off, and were crawling up our pant legs and attempting to find a decent meal, or at the very least teach us a lesson.

An accurate depiction of what we suffered!

We continued to yell and jump around, I rolled up my pant legs and threw off my jacket in an attempt to catch some of them, (about 5 were removed at this early stage,) and drawing all kinds of attention to ourselves, we ran to beg for access to a little room in a shed off to the side of the event we were attending. There, we had to drop trou and hand pick all of the ants of our legs and ankles. We then had a sense of calm that lasted all of a minute as we realized we hadn’t gotten them all! Eventually we were able to walk calmly from the room, to find the event had ended and most of the attendees had already left, and still managed to pick another ant or two off ourselves.

I have to say it was quite an exciting afternoon! And tomorrow I will give you the full update of the reason we were visiting the countryside in the first place, which is pretty amazing! Here is to fighting insects who invade my personal space!


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