Welcome to the WWF Family!

I have officially been welcomed to the WWF Family, as I received my first “Oso Panda” today! Two, actually! First came a pin featuring the WWF Panda we’ve all come to know and love, and second was a beautiful leather Panda watch!

Manda Panda's First Oso Panda!

Don’t mind that the Panda is both up-side-down on my wrist, (for photographic purposes only,) and also reversed due to the beautiful effects of Photo Booth.

What inspired this generous gift-giving? On Saturday WWF Paraguay welcomed a group of 10 cyclists by the name of Yakuñan, which means “El Camino de Agua” in Quichua, a native language in Ecuador, or  “The Path of Water”. The group is en route from Quito, Ecuador to Iguazu Falls spreading the word of the importance of protecting water, (please take a look at the map to understand the distance they have traveled by bike!!) They have been cycling since January 16th and Asuncion is one of their final stops before arriving at Foz de Iguazu, (in about 5 days.) They have been stopping at major cities and towns along the way, living on the generosity of people they meet and their sponsors.

The Yakunan Route from Quito to Iguazu (+ the added destination of Asuncion, Paraguay)

While in Asuncion, they have been learning about some of the projects the WWF Paraguay office has been doing to protect water, as well as to put a stop to deforestation. We also brought them to the newspaper station La Ultima Hora, (a national newspaper in Paraguay,) today to be interviewed for the web page as well as Sunday’s print edition of the paper. Since Laura and I were the WWF representatives, along with Enrique, the girls at the office wanted to make sure we were sufficiently Panda’d out! We could not have been happier…as proven by the giggles and high-fives that took place after!

Also, it was pretty exciting to watch this whole communications process unfold – from the press release, to the interview with journalists, to setting up the press conference, etc. I’ve never been walked through the full process like that before, so I am excited to be learning – and what a great cause to be introduced into the world of communications – saving water!!


One response to “Welcome to the WWF Family!

  1. Thank you for giving all of us a lens on this part of the world and a bit of the microcosm that embraces you. It is wonderful that you are experiencing this variety of people reaching out – we are all stronger when supported by one another. You in your growth- as well as your new friends in their causes. xoxo

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