Moving and Shaking

It’s quite a beautiful winter Sunday here in Asuncion, the sun is shining and birds are chirping. It just makes you want to put on some sneakers and go outside and run. But wait, Asuncion does not have a “running” culture. I have asked a few coworkers and my host family if people ever run in the city for exercise, “I have seen people run to catch the bus,” was my favorite response so far. There does not seem to be an outdoors activity culture within the city limits. I’m sure out in the country there is more of an outdoorsy feel and more freedom to roam, however, that won’t do me much good on a day-to-day basis.

I have been trying to find a balance between eating fried meat and heavy foods everyday, and not getting the same amount of exercise as I’m used to, (granted while living in NYC I walked about 45 minutes a day to and from work which counted as “exercise”.) I have seen only one gym so far, though I’m told there are many, and it seemed to exist on a street corner – literally, on the sidewalk – with machines out of the ’90s [insert sweaty men here]. Plus with the inability to walk around late at night alone, I think it might just be a better idea to come up with some exercises I can do at home.

Enter workout DVDs. Now one option I have is to order some DVDs from Amazon and ship them down to me for a price-tag of about $50 including shipping and handling fees, (holy cow!) or alternatively I am going to try to download some useful exercise videos to get my heart-rate up. If all else fails, one of my coworkers has told me about a friend of his who teaches Salsa classes – some local Latin flavor to keep my body moving? Maybe!

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