So kiss me and smile for me…

I’m leaving on a jet plane! (whoosh) But I do know when I’ll be back again, (in December.) So I have packed two oversized suitcases and am prepared to fight long and hard with the check-in attendants to make sure they are within the allowable and free weight range. My onboard entertainment? My laptop, of course, several cameras – both digital and video – some WWF reading materials (on learnings from the Paraguay office,) and a book about my future home – At the Tomb of the Inflatable Pig: Travels Through Paraguay by John Gimlette.

Recommended reading on traveling through Paraguay

I also can’t forget an extensive playlist including The Kooks, The Beatles, Phoenix, The Shins, and Lilly Allen – though likely “Hello Goodbye” will be playing over and over since my friend pointed out that this was not Goodbye but Hello, (and the song has been on repeat in my mind ever since.)

“See you later” I say to New York, all of you, and my beloved animals. I am off to save the world, and hopefully see a Jaguar or two while I’m at it!


One response to “So kiss me and smile for me…

  1. Tell me that you’ll wait for me…. Hold me like you’ll never let me gooooooo!! Hope you’re having a great flight as I write this. I can’t wait to hear all about your trip. I’m so excited for you and the great things you’re going to do down there. Post pictures of the jaguars!

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